Co-creating the Future of Sprints

10 years ago Design Sprints began as a better way to work.

Now it’s time to look towards the next 10.

The Design Sprint methodology, founded on Design Thinking and Rapid Iterative Prototyping, has evolved and grown over the 10 years since its inception. As our future becomes more distributed, how we work collaboratively and synchronously is continuing to change and our practice must change with it. So where do we go from here?

  • How can we improve collaboration and creativity in a remote context?
  • What do we need to be more effective Sprint leaders and facilitators?
  • How can we be more inclusive with our practice?
  • In what ways do we need to evolve our methodology?

We’re inviting a select group of leaders (that’s you) to re-imagine how we work and create a shared vision for the future of our discipline.

It takes a village. (And a commitment to a better future.)

Sprinting takes a commitment to being open to collaboration and to working together to create a great outcome. And to be a part of this special event, you’ll need to make a similar commitment:

  • Full participation for your selected session
  • Prep work before the event and followup work after (approx 3 hours for each)

But just like in a Sprint, you’ll get so much more than you give. You will be a co-creator of the new narratives, toolkits and resources, and you’ll be given full attribution on the global micro-site published early this year.

Chasing the Sun

February 9 & 10, 2021. Morning and afternoon sessions available

The global gathering will take place over two days and you’ll be asked to participate in two sessions—mornings or afternoons—depending on what works best for your schedule.

The 60 invited leaders will work in teams across 10 topics; you’ll be assigned to a group based on your selected interests, your skill sets, and where you’re located.

Option One: Mornings (EMEA Friendly)

all times PST


9:00    Welcome and Ice Breaker
9:30    Context setting and lightning talks
10:30    Break into groups
12:30    Regroup and share progress
13:00    Optional Networking


9:00    Welcome back - warm up
9:30    Get working in your groups
12:30    Regroup, present and goodbye
13:00    Optional Networking

Option Two: Afternoons (APAC Friendly)

all times PST


16:00    Welcome and Ice Breaker
16:30    Context setting and lightning talks
17:30    Break into groups
19:30    Regroup and share progress
20:00    Optional Networking


16:00    Welcome back - warm up
16:30    Get working in your groups
19:30    Regroup, present and goodbye
20:00    Optional Networking

By Special Invitation Only

This invitation is just for you, please don’t forward to others. You have been selected to be a key contributer because we think you have a unique perspective to bring to this collaborative endeavor. We will have fun, we will get creative and experimental, but it will require effort and focus.

Please only accept this invitation if you are excited and ready to take on the challenge. Share with us the focus areas you are most interested in and we’ll send over your te assignment and Relay creativity box.

Respond via the link below by January 15 to secure your spot!

relay icon set